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About Isaac Joe

I’m Isaac Joe. People call me musician, performer, mentor, life coach, trainer, minister and lot of other things.

But frankly speaking, for the past 26 years, I’ ve been doing the one thing that I love to do and that is connecting with people, spending time with them and helping them build their lives. I do this through music, songs, conferences, seminars, concerts and camps. My leisure interests are graphic designing, window shopping and playing around with gadgets that fit my budget.

I’ve been through pretty hard times. My life was in a mess and I thought there was no way out. But I was terribly wrong!!! I was rescued, transformed and rebuilt into a stronger person. With time, I realized that I was standing on high ground scaling high peaks.

From then, it has been my passion to help struggling people, through my different capabilities that I’ve been wired with.

This is me myself, from my heart. But if you need an official profile, discography and other stuff, you’ll find that too here in this website, and if you find that any of the things I do can enrich you. You don’t have to get an appointment. Just call me at 9884010000 or write to me at